Boiler Service Milton Keynes

Boiler Servicing in Milton keynes

The boiler that is in your home plays a pivotal part of your everyday life, from the cold depths of winter when the heating comes on to warm the house up to long soaks in the bath after a hard days work.

Your boiler is used everyday of the year, so considering the amount of work it has to do its very important that it has an annual service. By having your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe Registered boiler engineer in Milton Keynes it can help ensure that your boiler will working safely and efficiently all year round.

A annual boiler service is also important for safety reasons, when a boiler engineer service's a boiler in Milton Keynes they will ensure that the boiler is burning correctly and not leaking any dangerous Carbon Monoxide gases.

What Does Gas Boiler Servicing in Milton Keynes Involve?

  • Visual inspection of system & controls.
  • Functionality test to ensure system & boiler is working correctly.
  • Internal inspection of boiler
  • Inspect/clean of internal - Burner, Injectors, Pilot assembly, Electrodes, Fan, Wiring, Condense trap, Case seals.*
  • Flue gas analysis.*
  • Gas rate or burner pressure
  • Advice on operating correctly and efficiently

What We Charge for a Boiler Service in Milton Keynes -

Standard Boiler- £70

Back Boiler - £80

The annual boiler service in Milton Keynes takes an estimated 40 minutes to 1 hour to complete. We will issue a service worksheet that will detail the works carried out and will detail any recommendation we advise.

So are your ready for a Boiler Service in Milton Keynes?

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*Please note that some checks are not required on certain boilers.

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